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Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Curling Delivery "Stick"

Is the curling delivery “stick” a relatively new invention?  Nope. 

The idea of curling on skates appears to be the height of absurdity to curlers, but do not be amazed when I tell you it once was seriously proposed to play the game on skates.

In the late 1700’s the idea of curling on ice skates was presented by the Duke of Athole (excuse me?).  He proposed using a long cue or pole to hold the handle of the curling stone.  The player on skates would back-up 10 to 12 yards behind the Tee, “then advancing rapidly, with an eye on the object to be accomplished, and when reaching the tee giving the stone the requisite impulse – imitating, after a fashion, the push shot in the game of billiards.”  When the game is played in this method it was said to be exciting and invigorating.

Fortunately, Tcurling on skates was not pursued for long, but “the long cue or pole” did return to curling to allow people unable to get into the hack the ability to deliver a stone.

Hey – I do not make this stuff up!

Angus MacTavish

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