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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Women Polish The Ice - Detroit Free Press: Feb 4, 1917

“They can hurl 50 pound curling stones, too.

Believe this girl reporter who scoffs at “He-Chickens”.

“Dear City Editor: - I adore writing letters – ‘specially fault finding ones.  You men are so selfish… You see, the women came down to eat – the men gave them a banquet – and they went right out and began to shinny those enormous stones about and in another minute the first women’s curling match ever held in Detroit was on.  My gracious, but it has been a long time coming to that.

“Maybe it is because of their knowledge that they look such “ducks” in Scotch bonnets that caused the women to wrestle with those 50-pound chunks of granite, but the fact remains that they did do it and threw them a very long way, swept just as madly as the men, got just as red-faced and excited and strained 17 parts of the anatomy to prove their ability.

“Why can’t the women have space and be made to feel they are worthwhile in athletics and then maybe we can have a regular women’s curling club and go about the country getting cups and prizes and frost-bitten ears and glory and sore throats and publicity and everything.

“Among the women who showed skill on the ice were Mrs. J.A. Bucknell, Mrs. E.R. Treble, Mrs. Herman Sanderson and Mrs. J.V. Gurney.

“Yours athletically, BUDA STEPHENS”

Ed. Note:  Ms. Buda Stephens was a tennis champion and a sports reporter for the Detroit Free Press.  One of her more famous articles was an interview with Babe Ruth.  Her unflattering article, titled RUTH JUST A BIG JUNGLE INFANT, was published on page one.  She pronounced Ruth as lacking in sophistication.  “He doesn't know the answer to anything if it’s more than one syllable”…”He is not suave and intellectual”…And finally, “Babe Ruth possesses none of the Ty Cobb charms.”

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