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Saturday, December 22, 2012

TV Ads about Curling

This post has nothing to do with Curling in Detroit.  We were surfing You Tube on a cold snowy day.  Searched for Curling Advertisements.  Here are a few of those we found...

The first is from the Manitoba Curling Association, I like this dated clip - especially the worn out shoes, since I had a similar pair in about 1986.

The next one is just plain funny.  A BIC ad:  'The Toughest Sport on Ice', posted by CulturePub (a French TV show).

"Hurry - Hard" is from the series of 'Start Curling' ads published by the Canadian Curling Association.

And last, but not least, an Advert for Navibot from Norway.

We thank the people who posted these videos on YouTube and allowed us to re-post them here.  If you go to YouTube you can find many more.

Happy Holidays and Good Curling

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