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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Scottish Curlers Visit The Club – Part III 1923

The Scottish Curlers were met at the railway station in Durand, MI at 9 a.m. Saturday February 17, 1923.  Two DCC members, D.B. Duffield & A.B.D VanZandt, had arranged breakfast at the station.  Since the train was over two hours late, the first item on the Detroit agenda had to be cancelled – a trip across the Detroit River and a tour of the Hiram Walker & Son’s Distillery.

At the Detroit station a large contingent of DCC members met The Team and escorted them to the Hotel Wolverine.  A luncheon was held at The Detroit Athletic Club.  During their stay the Scots were declared Honorary members of the DAC.  Then off to the curling club for six 12-end games against Detroit curlers.  The Scots won 58 to 56.

Dinner was served at The Club and the six evening games were won by Detroit 69 to 56.  During these evening games the weather turned extremely cold and many of the motor cars outside would not start so taxis were called to transport the visitors to the hotel.

Sunday morning February 18, 1923 was a much appreciated rest time for the Scotchmen.  Some toured sites in the city on their own.  In the afternoon the team was taken to Lake St. Clair to see ice-yachting as the 1912 Team had visited this spectacle as well.  Many were taken for rides.  The remaining portion of the day and evening was dedicated to rest and relaxation.

Monday morning the Scots were taken to Dearborn to see “the immense works of Henry Ford”.  They toured the car assembly line.  They drove back to Detroit for lunch at The Detroit Public Library. 

The afternoon saw games against the Ontario clubs of Sarnia, Petrolia and Chatham.  The Canadians won by a narrow margin 63 to 60.  An informal dinner was held at The Club.  It was reported that over 200 local curlers were present at The Club.  Six evening games were played against Detroit with the Scots winning 86 to 41.

After the games The Team was driven to the railway station for an 11:25 p.m. train to Niagara Falls, Ontario.  On this 1923 team were seven members who had been on the 1912 team and one member who had been on the 1903 and 1912 teams.

Trivia:  Many of the Scottish curlers used brushes or push-brooms.  This may have been the first time the brush was used in Canada and/or the U.S.  

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