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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Can Curling Help! The Beatles

Almost fifty-three years ago (1965), the Beatles’ movie Help! was released.  It was a whacking film about?…   about?…   well, I don’t really know.  It starred the Beatles and it was sure to be a box office success.  The important portion of the movie to us is the curling scene.  More accurately, the Beatles goof around with curling stones and brooms.  George slides a curling stone towards John and Ringo who comically chase after it and sweep.  Paul meanwhile appears to be more interested tidying up the ice.

Nearby, a mad scientist is preparing a bomb inside a curling stone and sets a timer.  He offers the ticking and smoking curling stone to George who delivers it toward Ringo.  As Ringo sweeps, George realizes it’s a bomb – “A fiendish thingy!”  He, John and Paul drag Ringo away from the bomb and run.  The bomb explodes leaving a gaping hole in the ice and a swimmer appears – asking for directions to the White Cliffs of Dover. 

It doesn’t connect at the dots…

Just a little confused,
Angus MacT.

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