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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DCC Members Of The Past

In addition to the Dodge brothers there have been many other prominent Detroiters engaged in the grand ol’ game at The Detroit Curling Club.  Here we list a few in no particular order…

·         George P. Codd, the 42nd mayor of Detroit 1905-1906 and had been captain of the U of M baseball team. 
·         A.B. VanZandt, General Manager of the Detroit United Railway, he ran the system profitably with a five cent fare. 
·         James J. Couzens, a bookkeeper from Chatham, was a US Senator and mayor of Detroit. 
·         Richard Watson – Detroit City Council. 
·         Alexander Dow was president of Detroit Edison (Henry Ford once worked for Dow at an electrical substation).   Mr. Dow introduced Mr. Ford to Thomas Edison.
·         Divie B. Duffield was involved in just about everything of a civic nature.  A Detroit Library Branch is named after him. 
·         John Ballantyne – a prominent banker.   
·         Walter O Briggs, president of Briggs Mfg. (maker of car bodies) as well as owner of the Detroit Tigers (Briggs Stadium).
·         James D. Hawks, president of the Detroit & Mackinac Railway.
·         John C. Lodge, Detroit Mayor and expressway builder.
·         James McMillan, US Senator.  He was one the first people in Detroit to own a telephone.
·         Theodore Luce, pole-vaulter.  In 1891 he won US Nationals with a leap of 10 ft.  6-1/2 inches and again in 1892 with 11 feet ¾ inches (this record stood for nine years).
·         W.H. Mormley, E.R. Palmer, Don Fraser and George Lawton (Skip) curled at the 1932 Olympics in Lake Placid.

The grandest member of all is the curler who pays his dues on time.  Is that you?

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