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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Scottish Curlers Visit The Club – Part VIII

1987 The Royal Caledonian Curling Club 1987 visit to the United States made its stop at The Detroit Curling Club in West Bloomfield on January 21st.   Games were at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.  Detroit came out victorious 64 to 43.

1997 The Scots Tour did not come to Detroit in 1997 due again to the hectic times.  Members were busy planning to sell the West Bloomfield facility and relocate The Club.

2007 The Scottish team arrived at Detroit Metro Airport on Sunday morning January 28th.  Mr. Paul Badgero met them at the airport and corralled them onto the bus.  They drove straight to The Club (now in Ferndale) and were met by President Mike Grudzinski - “resplendent in tartan jacket”.  Dave Nelsen was MC for the afternoon’s games.  Lunch was served before the games.  The Scots won 31 – 24.  The visitors were introduced to the ‘Royal Order of Sinners’ and they were all indoctrinated into the Order.  After a few songs the Scots boarded their bus for the ride to Bowling Green.

We apologize that the details of these last three visits are skimpy – our research material was limited.

2017 - The Detroit Curling Club is proud to once again host the touring Scots in January.

Detroit Curlers Visit Scotland
1921 – Dr. F.W. Robbins on the Canadian Tour to Scotland
1952 – The 1st USA Tour to Scotland
-         Dr. James Lammy
-         John McKinlay
-         A.J. Dalton
-         Paul Moreland
1962 – Samuel M. Renfrew
1972 – Nelson (Nels) Brown
1992 – Dave Nelsen
2002 – Harry Wylie
2012 – Paul Badgero

And on the distaff side
1996 – Linda Handyside
2006 – Dawn Zak-Brauninger
2016 – Maryanne Wessels

Lang may yur lum reek,

Angus MacTavish

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